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Drinking Water Fountains is a USA based information site for water fountains. Our company was established in January 2003 and we have been providing drinking fountain hydration solutions in American since 2008. We now have presences in the USA, Europe & Southern Africa.

We established this niche website in response to the growing demand for drinking water fountains in a wide range of work and recreational environments. Our objective is to provide customers with advice on suitable solutions and detailed information on the wide variety of drinking fountain options available.

We have logistics in place in both the UK – www.drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk – and Dallas, and are one of the larger international suppliers of drinking water fountain solutions with strong links into all the major manufacturers.

Our Drinking Water Fountains website is a part of the Drinking Waters Group – focused on providing hydration solutions to customers.

Study-safe to drink

Water from fountains safe to drink

Random testing of drinking fountains across the city produced no E. coli, indicating that the water is safe to drink, a recent study show. The study was completed by Algoma Public Health at the request of city council earlier this year. The purpose of the study was to examine the hygiene of drinking water fountains […]
Choose water not soda

Statistics show fizzy means fat

Mexico has the highest rate of soda consumption in the world, with the United States taking second place. In fact, Mexicans are such fans of the fizzy stuff, they drink an average of 45 gallons of Coca-Cola products a year. That’s almost eight times more than the world average and 70 percent more than Americans, […]
university drinking water fountains

Banning the bottle

Super-green students at the University of Michigan have rallied together to try and persuade their university leaders to impose a total bottled water ban. The student government requested that the University of Michigan impose a ban on the sale of bottled water. Whilst the university did not go as far as to introduce an outright […]
public drinking water fountains

“Hit the Tap, Kick the Bottle”

This is the message that one city in America is sending out to its residents. Missoula, Montana, has installed two brand-new water fountains in its city to encourage people to switch from sweetened, calorific drinks to good old-fashioned water. It will save 1800 plastic bottles from heading to landfill each month, so this move will […]
drinking water fountain apps

5 best ‘drinking water’ apps for your phone

With hectic lifestyles and hundreds of other things to keep track of, how can you also make sure you’re getting enough water? Here are some of the best free apps to track your water intake and make your life a bit easier!  1. WaterLogged – iPhone WaterLogged keeps track of how much water you’ve had […]