Murdock Fountains

The traditional Drinking Fountains from Murdock have been manufactured in the USA since 1853.  The vast majority of their range falls more within classic designs that are popular in parks and public places, however certain parts of their modern range is well suited to leisure and health facilities.

The original style still available has been in production for over 100 years and many early examples are still in daily use – a testament to their popularity and durability. The original style is a frost free model for all year round use.

The Original  Murdock Fountain Range

Since 1853, Murdock-SuperSecur has been the leader in providing traditional outdoor drinking fountains for all locations. Most of their traditional drinking fountains are made of cast iron and brass, yielding long-term usage in many locations for over a hundred years.

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The SafeWater Murdock Fountain Range

In an effort to protect the public and the potable water supply Murdock-Super Secur has developed SafeWater™ products which ensure a safe supply of clean water. The patented Sanitary Drinking Fountain / Hydrant Mechanism has a piston and cylinder arrangement that is operated by the pressure from the water supply.

When the fountain is turned on, fresh water is delivered to the bubbler. At the same time, supply pressure forces the stored water, from the previous cycle, to be expelled through an air gap, above gound and down the fountain bowl drain.

When the drinking fountain is turned off, the spring on top of the piston mechanism moves the piston down permitting the water in the bubbler line to drain back into the canister for storage, frost proofing, and the start of another cycle, and the drinking water stream does not fluctuate during the filling or emptying of the cylinder. Cycle time ensures the driking fountain is frost free in seconds.

Water waste is also minimal. Since no jet pump or venturi is used, only the water that has drained from the fountain delivery line, and stored in the cylinder, is wasted out the drain. The amount of water wasted to the drain for each cycle is 7 ounces – less than one cup.

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