Indoor Drinking Water Fountains

We have established the first specialist drinking water fountain company company in the USA with the widest range of drinking water fountains available in the United States.

We offer customers a service which allows you to talk us through the various functions that you are looking for, through to sourcing, installing and maintaining both internal and external fountains. Over recent years many companies have moved away from traditional bottled water coolers through to fixed price mains-fed water coolers – and increasingly towards drinking water fountains which offer a more permanent positioning of drinking water for office, manufacturing, leisure and educational environments.

The internal drinking water fountains we stock are from some of the leading manufacturers across the globe and are built to withstand long term usage. When properly installed and maintained fountains can be a purchase that lasts for many years without looking old and tarnishing.

All the products in our water fountain ranges can either be rented or purchased by customers – and we offer a nationwide network of engineers who can install, service and maintain the fountains on behalf of our customers.

Cosmetal Drinking Water Fountains
Elkay Drinking Water Fountains
Classic Drinking Water Fountains

Through our other companies we can also supply customers with a wide range of the more traditional bottled or bottleless water coolers, undersink chillers and hot water boilers. The widest range of drinking water solutions available in the USA. Please call us to talk through any further considerations you need help with.