Elkay Water fountains

The Elkay range of drinking water fountains are amoung some of the highest specification drinking water fountains available in the UK. The Elkay company in the States is probably the longest established water cooler manufacturer in the world and the fountains are built to withstand the most demanding office environments.

Elkay floorstanding drinking water fountains

The EFA range of floor standing drinking water fountains are the traditional favourite for offices, schools, factories and public premises.


  • Flexi-Guard safety bubbler to avoid contact accidents.
  • One piece sculptured design Cascade basin
  • Universal design easily connects to standard electrical & plumbing fittings
  • This environmentally friendly fountain uses non-CFC refrigerant
  • Removable front panel for easy maintenance


  • Water supply 15 mm
  • Water waste 32 mm to fit UK waste options
  • Electrical supply 220v, 50 Hz single phase, uses 13 amp fuse
  • One piece satin finish stainless steel cascade basin
  • Colour: Granite vinyl (standard) or Stainless Steel (extra cost)


Additional Options:

  • Glass Filler
  • Internally Fitted Filter
  • Flexi-GuardĀ® Anti-Microbial Safety Bubbler – Elkay products are equipped with the Flexi-guard Safety Bubbler, featuring contemporary styling and a special anti-microbial agent that is infused into the bubbler for extra hygiene.


Elkay wall mounted drinking water fountains

Our wall mounted drinking water fountain is an easy access drinking water cooler perfect for schools and public service environments where there has to be consideration for special needs access to drinking water.

The water fountain is mounted at any height on a suitable wall and the incoming water and outgoing waste are both concealed within the wall cavity.

The fountain features an extra deep basin which makes it more suited to higher capacity environments such as swimming pools and gyms. On three three sides of the fountain just below the basin are three front and side easy touch controls which start and stop the water dispensing with a simple hand push.

This fountain also features a flexi-guard anti-microbial safety bubbler. This firstly means that the bubbler is soft at the head which avoids any accidents should someones head be pushed towards the bubbler while drinking. Secondly the anti microbial layer on the guard mean that there is no chance that foreign bacteria can attach themselves to a very open part of the water cooler

It comes in a vinyl finish, with an optional stainless steel body should customers require. It can produce up to 29 litres of chilled drinking water per hour, and meets all the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. with regard easy access to the water cooler.

Optional fittings include

  • A stainless steel body.
  • An additional goose neck glass filler mountable within the main basin area.
  • The integration of a water filter within the body of the fountain.

The Elkay range of drinking water fountains are both available for rental and purchase from us.Ā Drinking Water Fountains hold a full range of spare parts for the Elkay range. Drinking Water Fountains provide customers with a full installation service across the UK where required. Please use our contact form to make an enquiry.