Recessed Water Fountains

Study-safe to drink

Water from fountains safe to drink

Random testing of drinking fountains across the city produced no E. coli, indicating that the water is safe to drink, a recent study show. The study was completed by Algoma Public Health at the request of city council earlier this year. The purpose of the study was to examine the hygiene of drinking water fountains […]
university drinking water fountains

Banning the bottle

Super-green students at the University of Michigan have rallied together to try and persuade their university leaders to impose a total bottled water ban. The student government requested that the University of Michigan impose a ban on the sale of bottled water. Whilst the university did not go as far as to introduce an outright […]
flavored drinking water fountain

Craft store creates flavored drinking fountain

A hobby store in Kansas City has given its customers access to a fun, innovative flavored-drinking water fountain. Owners at the Hammerspace hobby and craft store have refurbished a broken old drinking fountain and turned it into a comically refreshing treat; the Brawndo drinking fountain gives thirsty customers the option between “Brawndo” flavored drinking water, […]

A century of quality from Haws

For over 103 years, Haws Corporation has been manufacturing award-winning drinking fountains for a diverse set of industries. Haws works with educational centres, recreational parks and commercial properties delivering top quality drinking fountains to its customers. Haws Corporation is represented in over 80 countries and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore, Switzerland and […]