Public Places

Drinking Water Fountains for Public Places

drinking-water-fountains-public-sectorWe supply a wide range of external and internal drinking water fountains suited to central and local states.

Working with three states over the last year – as well as a dedicated contract with the federal groups we have helped with the due diligence and consumer testing of a range of drinking water fountains for the councils.

These states are often under increasing pressure to provide external drinking facilities within schools as well as wider public places – and we provide both product and necessary services. We understand the wide range of considerations that an authority has when planning the installation of drinking water fountains and have resources and products that address issues such as vandalism, ongoing maintenance contracts and disabled accessibility.

We also provide services related to refurbishing existing water fountains that have – in many cases – suffered years of neglect. We have a selection of case studies available to departments that have been tasked with such considerations.

Drinking Water Fountains have installed drinking fountains and bottleless water coolers across public places over the last seven years.  For more details on our products and services please call or email us.