Health & Hospitals

Drinking Water Solutions for the Health Industry.

drinking-water-fountains-children-detailPlease call us for more details on the specific fountains and drinking water solutions that we have developed for the health industry. Many of these water fountain installations involve the installation of drinking water fountains for newly developed hospitals and health facilities that have had the option to integrate the provision of drinking water into the very fabric of the building.

For other customers we have helped situate drinking water provision through fountains where short term solutions like bottled water coolers have previously been used. We have worked with internal maintenance functions and as a part of refitting initiatives in both the public and private sectors.

We can supply fountains with added ozonation that flushes through the fountain on a nightly basis and where the external taps are fitted with anti-bacterial surfaces which ensure that the fountain is not an area where illness can spread.

Drinking Water Fountains has installed fountains, bottled and bottleless water coolers in hospitals and general health facilities across the USA.  For more details on our products and services please call or email us.