Banning the bottle

university drinking water fountains

Students at the University of Michigan are campaigning for a ban on bottled water.

Super-green students at the University of Michigan have rallied together to try and persuade their university leaders to impose a total bottled water ban.

The student government requested that the University of Michigan impose a ban on the sale of bottled water. Whilst the university did not go as far as to introduce an outright ban, they have worked on offering students suitable alternatives, including the installation of 42 water bottle refill stations across the campus.

As selling bottled water brings in revenue for the university, they are reluctant to do anything more extreme than offer people a choice of tap water alongside continuing to sell bottled water. However, other universities have jumped firmly on board with the ban, with Seattle University, Portland University and the University of Vermont all banning bottle water from being sold on campus. The student government at the University of Michigan may still yet pursue a full ban to be instated.

Tap water is clean, safe and most importantly, it is free! So Drinking Water Fountains US welcomes all moves away from unnecessary bottled water, which is both expensive and polluting, in favour of useful, resourceful and cost-effective drinking fountains.



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