“Hit the Tap, Kick the Bottle”

public drinking water fountains

The city of Missoula has installed brand new drinking fountains to encourage the public to opt for water over sweetened drinks.

This is the message that one city in America is sending out to its residents. Missoula, Montana, has installed two brand-new water fountains in its city to encourage people to switch from sweetened, calorific drinks to good old-fashioned water.

It will save 1800 plastic bottles from heading to landfill each month, so this move will benefit the environment. It will save people pounds in their banks, and drop pounds from their bellies, meaning it benefits the residents. And even their four-legged friends get a look-in; with dog bowls, man’s best buddy also gets to enjoy the new fountains.

“We’re just going to make sure there’s water everywhere,” said Mary Pittaway, part of the Eat Smart Missoula Coalition leading the effort.

This month, the meter reading shows thirsty Missoulians – and possibly pups – are drinking an estimated 7 gallons a day from one fountain, part of the company’s Hit the Tap initiative. That’s the equivalent of 60 plastic bottles a day, or 1,800 bottles a month that aren’t going to the landfill.

Drinking fountains are an old idea that’s become new again, said both Mayor John Engen and Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss. In the past, everyone drank water when they were thirsty.

“Having a soda was a rare treat,” Curtiss said.

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