America’s number one Fountain!

top drinking water fountain She’s the number one Fountain in America, and though she just missed out on a medal in London 2012, she’s still a star. Hyleas Fountain is one of the most renowned female athletes in America at the moment. The 31 year old heptathlon and pentathlon athlete had the nation’s support behind her during these Olympic Games, and has proven she deserves this support with stunning performances in previous sports competitions. Whilst she narrowly missed out on a top spot this time round, this does not detract from the fact that Fountain is at the top of her game in American sports.

And Drinking Water Fountains US is at the top of our game in American fountain industry. We are one of the most highly regarded providers of drinking water fountains, with a vast and loyal customer network and a proven capability to provide excellent quality at the best prices, time and time again. Hydration is incredibly important if you want to be a top athlete, so investing in a drinking water fountain from the number one company could be one step towards enabling you to become the next number one Fountain in the US!



Kayleigh Clerkin is a part-time journalist who writes articles for Drinking Waters UK - one of the UK's largest suppliers of drinking water products including water fountains, water coolers, water filters, distilled water and spring water.

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