21-foot-high drinking fountain in Times Square

public drinking water fountainOn Wednesday 11th April, in the heart of Times Square in New York City, the NHL and NBC celebrated the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs by dropping a 21-foot tall, 6,600 lbs. replica of the greatest trophy in sports in the middle of everything.

Open Wednesday through Friday, the huMANgous Cup also doubles as a public drinking fountain through a partnership with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Overall opinion suggested that New York City drinking water isn’t as bad as it used to be. ┬áIt was actually kind of delicious and a bit refreshing.

The Cup will be under watch just in case a sneaky fan was thinking of dropping dye capsules in the color of their favorite team in the pool at the base of the Cup. Or if anyone in Times Square had one too many “waters” and needed to find a place for relief.

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